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About us

The "Polytech" Company was established in 1991. From the very moment of creation the company develops production of modern hi-tech products on the basis of innovative technologies, the vacuum deposition technologies in particular. The company has at it’s credit the development of sensors of toxic and combustible gases, functional automotive mirrors and optical elements for various applications. The "Polytech" Co. was the first in Russia which offered in the market the enhanced automotive mirrors with anti-frost heating, anti-dazzling optics, incorporated  winking lights and electric adjustment. Now NPK "Polytech" is the leading Russian producer of automotive mirrors with improved consumer properties.

The company stably operates at the markets and constantly expands its fields of activity.

In the recent years the innovative activity of the “Polytech” company is targeted at practical introduction of nanotechnologies for creation of new types of products with the better consumer properties. The development of flexible manufacturing techniques of transparent conductive  coatings was the practical result of this activity. On the basis of this technology we developed essentially new products: heated glasses for video cameras and outdoor surveillance systems, auto-defrosting  windows and sights for outdoor equipment of various applications, conductive ITO coated microscope slides and coverslips and other products combining transparency and electric conductivity.

NPK "Polytech " personifies the best traditions of Russian science and western client-friendly approach to the business. Quality is an object of special attention: application of high-quality materials, rigorous compliance with technology, control procedures at all production phases, modern equipment and research and modernization carried out constantly provide high quality both  in serial production and in development of new products.

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All NPK "Polytech” products are made of high-quality materials and are thoroughly checked at all production phases.

HotVision™ - electrically heated glasses for video cameras and outdoor surveillance systems, auto-defrosting  windows and sights for outdoor equipment of various applications. The HotVision™ products provide reliable visibility for cameras or visual observation in poor weather conditions (under snow, sever frosts, rain, mist and etc.). They promptly removes ice crust, hoarfrost, mist or water drops from the camera field of view. 


Conductive transparent coatings according to the customer’s specifications.




Transparent heaters, including the transparent heaters for sensor screens and liquid crystal displays (LCD).




Mirrors for special applications: front-side mirrors, selective mirrors, IR-mirrors, etc.




Automotive mirrors with improved consumer properties: anti-frost heating, anti-dazzling optics, incorporated winking lights and remote electric or cable adjustment.




Thin-film deposition services on customer’s products using vacuum deposition. Various types of coating may be deposited by means of thermal evaporation, magnetron sputtering, electron beam evaporation or arc sputtering techniques.

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